Extreme Temperature Diary- Saturday November 21st, 2020/ Main Topic: It’s About Time…Climate Financial Regulation Is Coming Under Biden

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Main Topic: It’s About Time…Climate Financial Regulation Is Coming Under Biden

Dear Diary. Former President Barak Obama said before he was inaugurated in 2009 that change was coming to America. Indeed he and a democratic Congress managed to avoid a depression and reform U.S. healthcare before further actions were stymied after Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives, led by the new Tea Party faction of the party in 2010. Indeed, change is always coming to America, but conservative factions keep slowing it up. Were it not for the Tea Party we would have many climate reforms already, including a carbon tax that was nearly passed but batted down by Congress after the fateful midterm election of 2010.

Fast forward ten more years and Obama’s Vice President is poised to make more climate reforms that are way overdue by at least thirty-fourty years when we saw, with much assurance from climate scientists, that fossil fuels were detrimental to our environment during the Reagan Administration. It’s time to hit fossil fuel companies in the wallet so that there will be great incentive for Obama’s change.

As always, there will be a conservative faction in the U.S. trying to stop any of President Biden’s reforms. It will be interesting to see how a combination of Tea Party types and Trump supporters gum up governmental works during Biden’s first administration. Could they seal our climate doom or will science and reason prevail? We will see.

Inside Climate News has written a great piece on climate financial regulation that Wall Street thinks is coming down the old proverbial pipeline. This is your reading assignment for this weekend.

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Here is more climate and weather news from Saturday:

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Now here are some of today’s articles and notes on the horrid COVID-19 pandemic:

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