Extreme Temperature Diary- Thursday December 2nd, 2021/ Main Topic: My New Second World of Thermo Book… Carbonated

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Main Topic: My New Second World of Thermo Book…Carbonated

Dar Diary. I’m pleased to announce that my second kids’ weather and climate World of Thermo, Carbonated, has recently been published. My thanks go to Paul Andrews of the United Kingdom for going through the nuts and bolts of putting the book on Amazon.

I started writing the first book, World of Thermo-Thermometer Rising, back in 2013 when I had the notion that interesting stories combined with real science would better aid children’s climate education than just a dry textbook. That book was finally published in November 2018 after I had a near life ending 40-foot fall in 2015, leaving me partially paralyzed but still able to think and write about the climate crisis. Thermometer Rising chronicled major climate history events through 2005, ending with Katrina. World of Thermo-Carbonated, published three years later, takes kids from 2005 to 2021, and basically is an allegorical story of why fundamental change has not come about fast enough to put a big dent in worldwide carbon emissions.

Both books are written for kids from ages 7 to 13, but older young people and adults will appreciate some of the humor, storytelling, and artwork. The books should begin to explain to younger children what their older peers are fighting for both individually and in youth climate groups.

Here is a good review from Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground concerning Thermometer Rising:


Here are more great reviews:

“One of the biggest questions I get is, ‘How do I talk to my kids about climate change?’ This book is the answer – it takes us on an entertaining trip through time, to meet the scientists who’ve studied our planet and what makes it tick.” – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Director of Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University

“One of the great ironies of human-caused climate change is that those who had the least role in causing it—our children—will bear the brunt of its devastating impacts if we fail to act in time. It is urgent that they be educated about the threat and that their voices be heard. World of Thermo uses engaging magical characters to bring the science alive, and inform while entertaining.” – Dr. Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science Pennsylvanian State University

World of Thermo is a highly entertaining and superbly illustrated look at climate change and meteorology by an exceptionally well-qualified atmospheric scientist. Guy Walton takes readers on a wonderfully imaginative ride through climatological history as well as providing a learned peek into the disquieting future.” – H. W “Buzz” Bernard, author of Eyewall, Supercell, and Cascadia

“The saga of global climate change is full of twists and turns, invisible agents, all-too-human actors, and some very complex science. In World of Thermo, meteorologist/writer Guy Walton turns this journey into a compelling tale for bright young readers that brings more than a century of climate science and awareness to life.” – Robert Henson, author of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change


The stories / chapters within World of Thermo. . .Carbonated relate recent climate change history. Thermo and his carbon pollution-fighting friends battle the allegorical Carbo, who represents greed and denial in association with the climate crisis. This book is the story of Carbo, a twisted carbon dioxide molecule, who manipulates both humans and nature toward his nefarious aim of releasing as many trapped “friends”—other carbon molecules—from the ground as possible. Carbo tries to persuade human beings that global warming is not a problem. After each story, I write about basic scientific education and history relevant to that particular chapter, documenting what has recently happened in the “real world”.

Thermo, his new partner Therma and their climate scientist and environmental friends, are continually thwarted by Carbo and his minions of oversized carbon molecules who try to keep truth and science at bay. Carbo has much in common with those who are delaying efforts to mitigate climate change. The fight between Thermo and Carbo represents the struggle of science and reason to overcome shortsighted apathy and greed. Carbo and his obsequious minions also exploit human disbelief, as well as avarice and tribalism similar to what permeates today’s politics. . .in short, those who want to keep profiting from fossil fuels.

The stories in this second collection chronicle some of the major climate and weather-related events after 2005, when Thermometer Rising the first book ends. In my alternative universe, inanimate objects come to life in amusing and sometimes frightening ways. As the global warming problem worsens, so does Thermo and Therma’s plight. I have presented climatologists and meteorologists as heroes, particularly those whom I have personally known in my 30-plus year career at The Weather Channel. I am confident you will enjoy the stories, and I hope they spur you to action in joining efforts to prevent the climate crisis from getting much worse.

— Guy Walton, “The Climate Guy”

Here is the Amazon link to World of Thermo- Carbonated:

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Here are some “ET’s” reported from Thursday:

Here is more climate and weather news from Thursday:

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