Earth Day March for Science

No question. I remain horrified by the fact that civil rights style protests are necessary to help sway the general public and perhaps the Trump Administration for the cause of pure science. Scientists should be looked up to as the definitive experts on policy decisions by any government. After all, science has given us practically every modern marvel since the end of the Middle Ages. While most of the rest of the world, or so it would appear, has accepted the findings of climate science, the U.S. via its top leaders and overall energy policy is in denial. This short piece is a big thank you to the protesters.

I stated my stance concerning the economic and political forces interacting with man’s tendency towards greed working against scientific logic on a post earlier here:

Earth Day, which started in 1970, is tomorrow April 22nd. It is fitting that a very large protest be held on Earth Day in and around Washington where, perhaps, the fate of the planet’s climate will be decided in the next few years with ramifications for literally the next several millennia. Although I cannot be there in person, I will be there in spirit with all the other scientists and some of my colleagues. I’m sure that people like Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Heidi Cullen will represent the case for science well at tomorrow’s public protest forum.

The following is where my fellow protesters will be holding their rallies (image credit Geoffrey Supan):

There was some good news for tomorrow’s protest marchers today. The Treasury Department, at least temporarily according to MSNBC, has turned down the Trump Administration request to waiver sections with Russia in order to drill, potentially about a half trillion dollars with a T, of crude oil.

Yes, as discussed in my March article, a half trillion dollar incentive for denying human caused global warming will be very hard to fight. My three headed monster of Russian oil, deregulation of CAFE standards to raise the price of gas, and climate change denial (with a heavy dose of wishful thinking) will be hard to sleigh, but must be done for the sake of future humanity. I agree with Bill McKibben that as much as possible and as soon as possible  greenhouse gas pollutants must be left in the ground.

I salute all who will take a stand tomorrow for truth.

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