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Main Topic: The Georgia Guidestones… Wise Words Set in Stone

Dear Diary. My home state is an interesting place filled with a very diverse population of all political stripes. These can range from very pragmatic conservative country folk to hippies that never got out of the 1960s living in such places as Little Five Points. Most recently during the 2020 election Georgia went “blue,” electing two democratic senators, Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock. For most of the last 200 years, though, it’s been quite conservative, where the likes of former governor Lester Maddox vowed that segregation would rule during the 1960s. Joe Biden carried the state, which was essential in his election bid for the presidency. Georgia stuck out like a proverbial sore thumb and was surrounded by “red” conservative Republican carried states in 2020.

Historically, Georgia is the home of former President Jimmy Carter, the famed musical groups REM, the B52’s, the Indigo Girls, and the Almond Brothers Band. It’s also home of Atlanta, the city that is “too busy to hate,” which was the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement and the home of Dr, Martin Luther King during the 1960s. Like the mythical phoenix, Atlanta made a big comeback after getting torched in 1864 during the Civil War. Now the city dominates all others across the U.S. South as far as size and big business goes.

Most folks outside of the state think that people outside of Atlanta are mere rubes, but that’s not the case in all instances. In fact, there are those who have settled here that connect with the progressive left, who are more liberal than many from the “left coast” in California and elsewhere. Take the case of Mike Malloy, who broadcasts on Progressive Voices nearly every day from north Georgia. He is a Democratic Socialist, a breed that is a minority here, but not alone in this diverse state.

On Tuesday Mike let his audience know of a landowner who built an obelisk on his property that has some wise words but has been very controversial over the years. Today’s main topic are those wise words and the story behind the Georgia Guidestones. Just what are those? As an aside, when I was a boy, I lived in a small rural town not far from this obelisk in Tignall, Georgia. Here is a partial Wikipedia article describing Georgia’s own Stonehenge type construction (for the article in its entirety, please click the link):


The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert CountyGeorgia, in the United States. A set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

The monument stands at an approximate elevation of 750 feet (230 m) above sea level, about 90 miles (140 km) east of Atlanta, 45 miles (72 km) from Athens, Georgia and 9 miles (14 km) north of the center of the city of Elberton.

One slab stands in the center, with four arranged around it. A capstone lies on top of the five slabs, which are astronomically aligned. An additional stone tablet, which is set in the ground a short distance to the west of the structure, provides some notes on the history and purpose of the guidestones. The structure is sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge“.[1] The monument is 19 feet 3 inches (5.87 m) tall, made from six granite slabs weighing 237,746 pounds (107,840 kg) in all.[2] The anonymity of the guidestones’ authors and their apparent advocacy of population controleugenics, and internationalism have made them an object of controversy and conspiracy theories.

Georgia Guidestones 2014-03-18 01.jpg
Capture from the north view of the Georgia Guidestones (English, Babylonian and Russian languages) from Wikipedia


In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym R. C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans”, and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compasscalendar, and clock, and should be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”. Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite assumed that Christian was “a nut” and attempted to discourage him by providing a quote for the commission which was several times higher than any project the company had previously taken, explaining that the guidestones would require additional tools and consultants. To Fendley’s surprise, Christian accepted the quote.[2] When arranging payment, Christian said that he represented a group which had been planning the guidestones for 20 years and which wanted to remain anonymous.[2]

Christian delivered a scale model of the guidestones and ten pages of specifications.[2] The 5-acre (2-hectare)[2] site was apparently purchased by Christian on October 1, 1979,[3][4][non-primary source needed] from farm owner Wayne Mullinex.[2] Mullinex and his children were given lifetime cattle grazing rights on the guidestones site.[2]

On March 22, 1980, the monument was unveiled before an audience variously described as 100[5] or 400 people.[2] Christian later transferred ownership of the land and the guidestones to Elbert County.[2]The stones defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti

In 2008, the stones were defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti with slogans such as “Death to the new world order”.[6] Wired magazine called the defacement “the first serious act of vandalism in the guidestones’ history”.[2]

In September 2014, an employee of the Elbert County maintenance department contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the stones were vandalized with graffiti including the phrase “I Am Isis, goddess of love”.[7]


A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[8] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: EnglishSpanishSwahiliHindiHebrewArabicTraditional Chinese, and Russian.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


Yoko Ono said the inscribed messages are “a stirring call to rational thinking”, while Wired stated that unspecified opponents have labeled them as the “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist“.[2]

The guidestones have become a subject of interest for conspiracy theorists. One of them, an activist named Mark Dice, demanded that the guidestones “be smashed into a million pieces, and then the rubble used for a construction project”,[10] claiming that the guidestones are of “a deep Satanic origin”, and that R. C. Christian belongs to “a Luciferian secret society” related to the New World Order.[2] At the unveiling of the monument, a local minister proclaimed that he believed the monument was “for sun worshipers, for cult worship and for devil worship”.[5] Conspiracy theorist Jay Weidner has said that the pseudonym of the man who commissioned the stones – “R. C. Christian” – resembles Rose Cross Christian, or Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order.[2]

One interpretation of the stones is that they describe the basic concepts required to rebuild a devastated civilization.[2] Author Brad Meltzer notes that the stones were built in 1979 at the height of the Cold War, and thus argues that they may have been intended as a message to the possible survivors of a nuclear World War III. The engraved suggestion to keep humanity’s population below 500 million could have been made under the assumption that war had already reduced humanity below this number.[11]

The guidestones were briefly shown and discussed in the documentary films Sherman’s March (1986) and Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007), and were featured extensively in a 2012 episode of Mysteries at the Museum, a “Monumental Mysteries Special” featuring Don Wildman.[12]


What an interesting message made four decades ago, and how pertinent for our times. Back in the 1960s and 1970s the world was not concerned about climate change, but most did know that sustaining a population in the billions was a detriment to the long-term survival of our species. There is hope through better education that eventually through attrition that the world’s population will decline from about 10 billion to under 5 billion sometime in the 22nd century, but many fear that this will be achieved because of the climate crisis and perhaps associated war. Most of those now in power are working hard through various entities like the United Nations to limit suffering any downside in population may entail, and that has been the case for the last fourty years.

The very progressive other part of this message is something just about everyone of all political stripes can get behind except for authoritarian populist types like Putin who are trying to reign on this Earth. I would think that many libertarians would like this message, also. Let’s all work towards these ten goals getting into some “good trouble,” as another great Georgian figure, John Lewis would has said.

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