Extreme Temperature Diary- Wednesday May 1st, 2024/Main Topic: Rules for Naming U.S. Heatwaves After Oil Companies This Year

(from: List of oil exploration and production companies – Wikipedia):

Meteorologist Names 2023 U.S. Heat Waves After Oil, Gas Companies: Amoco, BP, Chevron (forbes.com)

Heatwave Chevron? As US Bakes, Former Meteorologist Names Heatwaves After Oil Companies | Common Dreams

‘People need to be riled up’: meteorologist names US heatwaves after oil and gas giants | US news | The Guardian



TypeHeat wave
Start dateJuly 2003
End dateAugust 2003
Deaths72,000Italy: ~20,000France: 14,802-19,000Spain: 12,963Germany: ~9500United Kingdom: ~2,000Portugal: 1,953Netherlands: ~1,500

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