Extreme Temperature Diary- Saturday November 25th, 2023/ Main Topic: American Cold Wave Naming Rules for This Winter

Best Snow Gods Ever – Greek, Norse & More – Wilderness Redefined

  1. Aisoyimstan: Blackfeet Nation Winter God
  2. Chione: Greek Goddess of Snow
  3. Heikki Lunta: Finnish American Snow God
  4. Nane Sarma – Iranian Grandma Of Winter
  5. Morana: Slavic Winter Goddess
  6. Poli’ahu – Hawaiian Snow Goddess
  7. Skaði – Norse Winter Goddess
  8. Ullr – Norse Winter God
  9. Kuraokami: Japanese Dragon Of Rain And Snow
  10. Jack Frost (Old Man Winter): American Personification Of Winter
  11. Nane Sarma (Bibi Barfi): Iranian Grandma Of Winter
  12. Morana (Marzaana): Slavic Goddess Of Winter And Death
  13. Poli’ahu: Hawaiian Snow Goddess
  14. Skaði: Norse Goddess/Giant Of Skiing & Snowshoes
  15. Tengliu (Teng Liu): The Chinese God(dess) Of Winter
  16. Ullr: Norse “God” Of Winter Hunting

Extreme Temperature Diary- Monday November 30th, 2020/ Main Topic: A Saffir-Simpson Type Scale For Cold Waves – Guy On Climate


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