From Russia With Records (Part 2)

Between the time I posted part one of my findings on Russia record trends and now, bombshell after bombshell of scandalous news in association with the Trump administration has been printed in every major newspaper. I had to laugh out loud seeing what Time Magazine put on their cover this week. So, it is apropeaux, with a wink and a nod, that we should continue to look at Russian record temperature trends.😊 For reference here is part one of this post:

Before going further, I would like to emphasize again that what I am presenting outside of the United States are just overall trends from National Center for Environmental Information data. There appears to be enough data coming from larger nations, such as Russia and Canada, for scientific studies and to spot trends. However, as is the case with all science, any trends will need to be verified using filtered data before any concrete studies can be published.

As promised once I finished cataloguing daily record high minimum and low maximum data for Russia, I would present some overall trends. Walla, for all those visiting my web site, the shape of this graph should look familiar:

Again, notice that since the 1980’s the trend, as well as with all of my records ratio charts has been up, up and up. For reference here are the number of tallies for each category. One count could be a tied record or one set be several degrees. Prior to 1960 there may not be enough quality data for any future Russian studies, but there was enough to show the warming trend.

No matter what dataset I investigate I am seeing that the 2000’s were warmer than any of the decades of  the 20th century, with the 2010’s being warmer than the 2000’s. We will confine to see if this “scary” trend due to carbine pollution continues into the 2020’s.

Why have I been this aggressive investigating new datasets of records? Because any scientifically uncovered trends put more nails into contrarian arguments that “the planet is not warming” so that giant steps toward global mitigation will come as soon as possible.

Where to next with records? I will try to investigate another country in June. Drop me a line telling me which place you would like me to use my sleuthy simple mathematics skills next.

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