Extreme Temperature Diary-August 18th, 2019/Long Global July Record And Consequences Of Warmth Lists For Emphasis

Sunday August 18th… Dear Diary. The main purpose of this ongoing blog will be to track United States extreme or record temperatures related to climate change. Any reports I see of ETs will be listed below the main topic of the day. I’ll refer to extreme or record temperatures as ETs (not extraterrestrials).😉

Long Global July Record and Consequences Of Warmth Lists For Emphasis

So, you think that my posts are long? Try reading some details of the July 2019 summary that Dr. Jeff Masters typed:


Since July 2019 was the hottest recorded month in human history, any summery should have a long list of records or “ET’s” right? Youbetcha. Indeed, this was the case for the Weather Underground piece. Just for emphasis I’m going to just repost the long list of international records contained within Dr. Master’s post:

Major weather stations that set (not tied) all-time heat or cold records in July 2019

Among global stations with a period of record of at least 40 years, a remarkable 282 set new all-time heat records in July; there were no stations that set all-time cold records:

Krems (Austria) max. 38.8°C, 1 July
Wlodowa (Poland) max. 37.2°C, 1 July
Lomnicky Stit (Slovakia) max. 19.5°C, 1 July
Kasprowy Wierch (Poland) max. 23.4°C, 1 July
Kielce Sukow (Poland) max. 36.6°C, 1 July
Anchorage (Alaska, USA) max. 32.2°C, 4 July
Kenai (Alaska, USA) max. 31.7°C, 4 July
King Salmon (Alaska, USA) max. 31.7°C,4 July
Almeria (Spain) max. 41.6°C,  6 July
Aniak (Alaska, USA) max. 31.7°C, 8 July
Egvekinot (Russia) max. 30.6°C, 10 July
Gari (Russia) max. 36.6°C, 13 July
Sarakhs (Iran) max. 48.6°C, 13 July 
Alert (Canada) max. 21.0°C,14 July
Sedom (Israel) max. 49.9°C,  17 July
Erbent (Turkmenistan) max. 48.2°C, 19 July
Temir (Kazakhstan) max. 44.1°C, 19 July
Kungrad (Uzbekistan) max. 47.1°C, 20 July
Chardzev (Turkmenistan) max. 45.8°C, 21 July
Khorram Abad (Iran) max. 45.4°C, 21 July
Bordeaux Airport (France) max. 41.2°C,23 July
Bordeaux City (France) max. 42.6°C, 23 July
Angers (France) max. 41.1°C,  23 July
Rennes (France) max. 40.1°C, 23 July
Cognac (France) max. 40.3°C, 23 July
Limoges Airport (France) max. 37.9°C, 23 July
Cholet (France) max. 39.1°C, 23 July
Jersey Airport (Jersey, UK dependency) max. 36.0°C, 23 July
Nevers (France) max. 39.4°C, 24 July
Dijon (France) max. 39.5°C, 24 July
Vichy (France) max. 41.3°C, 24 July
Metz (France) max. 39.7°C, 24 July
Nancy (France) max. 40.1°C, 24 July
Eelde (Netherlands) max. 36.9°C, 24 July
De Kooy (Netherlands) max. 34.8°C, 24 July
Kleine Brogel (Belgium) max. 40.6°C, 24 July
Saarbrucken (Germany) max. 40.0°C, 24 July
Norderney (Germany) max. 35.4°C, 24 July
Sion (Switzerland) max. 38.0°C, 24 July
Neuchatel (Switzerland) max. 37.9°C, 24 July
Moleson (Switzerland) max. 26.4°C, 24 July
Scuol (Switzerland) max. 33.8°C, 24 July
Paris St Maur (France) max. 43.6°C, 25 July
La Brosse (France) max. 42.9°C, 25 July
Paris Montsouris (France) max. 42.6°C, 25 July
Chablis (France) max. 42.6°C, 25 July
Nemours (France) max. 42.5°C, 25 July
Sens (France) max. 42.4°C, 25 July
Bouy-sur-Orvin (France) max. 42.4°C, 25 July
Paris Le Bourget (France) max. 42.1°C,  25 July
Chatillon sur Seine (France) max. 42.1°C,25 July
Romorantin (France) max. 42.0°C,  25 July
Bretigny (France) max. 42.0°C, 25 July
Paris Orly (France) max. 41.9°C, 25 July
Melun (France) max. 41.9°C, 25 July
Cambrai (France) max. 41.8°C, 25 July
Troyes (France) max. 41.8°C, 25 July
Bourges (France) max. 41.7°C, 25 July
Chateaudun (France) max. 41.7°C, 25 July
Frignicourt (France) max. 41.7°C, 25 July
Creil (France) max. 41.6°C, 25 July
Beauvais (France) max. 41.6°C, 25 July
Pontoise (France) max. 41.6°C, 25 July
Auxerre (France) max. 41.6°C, 25 July
Lille (France) max. 41.5°C, 25 July
Chartes (France) max. 41.4°C,25 July
Chateauroux (France) max. 41.4°C, 25 July
Paris Charles de Gaulle AP (France) max. 41.4°C,  25 July
St Dizier (France) max. 41.4°C, 25 July
Dunkerque (France) max. 41.3°C,25 July
Abbeville (France) max. 41.3°C,  25 July
Rouen (France) max. 41.3°C, 25 July
Orleans (France) max. 41.3°C, 25 July
Juniville (France) max. 41.3°C, 25 July
Le Mans (France) max. 41.1°C, 25 July
Reims (France) max. 41.1°C, 25 July
Cheverny (France) max. 41.1°C, 25 July
Goderville (France) max. 41.1°C, 25 July
Evreux (France) max. 40.9°C, 25 July
Avord (France) max. 40.9°C, 25 July
Tours (France) max. 40.8°C, 25 July
Douai (France) max. 40.8°C,25 July
Toussus le Noble (France) max. 40.8°C,  25 July
St Quentin (France) max. 40.7°C, 25 July
Trappes (France) max. 40.6°C, 25 July
Lisieux (France) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Villacoublay (France) max. 40.3°C, 25 July
Sable sur Sarthe (France) max. 40.3°C, 25 July
Dieppe (France) max. 40.1°C, 25 July
L’Oudon (France) max. 40.1°C,25 July
Roville (France) max. 40.0°C, 25 July
Sees (France) max. 39.9°C, 25 July
Alencon (France) max. 39.8°C, 25 July
Caen (France) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Deauville (France) max. 39.4°C, 25 July
Erneville (France) max. 39.4°C, 25 July
Le Touquet (France) max. 39.3°C 25 July
Strasbourg Airport (France) max. 38.9°C,25 July
Langres (France) max. 38.8°C, 25 July
Chateau Chinon (France) max. 38.8°C, 25 July
Cap de la Heve (France) max. 38.1°C, 25 July
Pontarlier (France) max. 38.0°C,25 July
Boulogne (France) max. 36.4°C, 25 July
Luxembourg Ville (Luxembourg) max. 39.0°C, 25 July
Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) max. 40.0°C, 25 July
Clemency (Luxembourg) max. 38.6°C, 25 July
Steinsel (Luxembourg) max. 40.8°C, 25 July: New national record high for Luxembourg
Gilze Rijen (Netherlands) max. 40.7°C, 25 July: New national record high for the Netherlands
Eindhoven (Netherlands) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Woensdrecht (Netherlands) max. 40.2°C,  25 July
Maastricht (Netherlands) max. 39.6°C, 25 July
Twenthe (Netherlands) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Lelystad (Netherlands) max. 37.5°C, 25 July
De Bilt (Netherlands) max. 37.5°C, 25 July
Deleen (Netherlands) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Vlissingen (Netherlands) max. 37.3°C, 25 July
Rotterdam (Netherlands) max. 37.2°C, 25 July
Le Goeree (Netherlands) max. 36.3°C, 25 July
Hoek van Holland (Netherlands) max. 38.9°C, 25 July
Begijnendijk (Belgium) max. 41.8°C, 25 July:  New national record high for Belgium
Liege (Belgium) max. 41.0°C, 25 July
Beitem (Belgium) max. 40.7°C, 25 July
Schaffen (Belgium) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Charleroi (Belgium) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Antwerpen (Belgium) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Chievres (Belgium) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Semmerzake (Belgium) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Bruxelles (Belgium) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Koksijde (Belgium) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Gent (Belgium) max. 40.1°C, 25 July
Uccle (Belgium) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Spa (Belgium) max. 36.7°C, 25 July
Elsennborn (Belgium) max. 36.2°C, 25 July
Beauvechain (Belgium) max. 40.1°C, 25 July
Saint Hubert (Belgium) max. 35.2°C, 25 July
Florennes (Belgium) max. 39.0°C, 25 July
Ostende (Belgium) max. 39.3°C, 25 July
Lingen (Germany) max. 42.6°C, 25 July: New national record high for Germany* (dubious; see below)
Tonisvorst (Germany) max. 41.2°C, 25 July: New national record high for Germany (recorded under standard conditions)
Duisburg (Germany) max. 41.2°C, 25 July:  New national record high for Germany (recorded under standard conditions)
Koln (Germany) max. 41.1°C, 25 July
Bonn (Germany) max. 40.9°C, 25 July
Kleve (Germany) max. 40.9°C, 25 July
Dusseldorf (Germany) max. 40.7°C, 25 July
Weilerswist-Lommersum (Germany) max. 40.6°C, 25 July
Trier (Germany) max. 40.6°C, 25 July
Bad Neuenhar (Germany) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Kahl (Germany) max. 40.4°C, 25 July
Koblenz (Germany) max. 40.3°C, 25 July
Frankfurt (Germany) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Wuppertal (Germany) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Neunkirchen (Germany) max. 40.2°C, 25 July
Nauheim (Germany) max. 40.1°C, 25 July
Munster (Germany) max. 40.0°C, 25 July
Essen (Germany) max. 40.0°C, 25 July
Schaafmheim (Germany) max. 40.0°C, 25 July
Perl Nennig (Germany) max. 39.9°C, 25 July
Heinsberg (Germany) max. 39.9°C, 25 July
Offenbach (Germany) max. 39.9°C, 25 July
Durkheim (Germany) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Olsdorf (Germany) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Kreuznach (Germany) max. 39.7°C, 25 July
Geldern (Germany) max. 39.6°C, 25 July
Dorpen (Germany) max. 39.6°C, 25 July
Geisenheim (Germany) max. 39.4°C, 25 July
Rheinstetten (Germany) max. 39.2°C, 25 July
Alfhausen (Germany) max. 39.2°C, 25 July
Mainz (Germany) max. 39.1°C, 25 July
Kaiserslautern (Germany) max. 39.1°C, 25 July
Ostheim (Germany) max. 39.1°C, 25 July
Rahden (Germany) max. 39.1°C, 25 July
Worms (Germany) max. 39.0°C, 25 July
Ohlsback (Germany) max. 39.0°C, 25 July
Diepholz (Germany) max. 39.0°C, 25 July
Weiskirchen (Germany) max. 38.9°C, 25 July
Montabaur (Germany) max. 38.6°C, 25 July
Aachen (Germany) max. 38.6°C, 25 July
Arnsberg (Germany) max. 38.5°C, 25 July
Alzey (Germany) max. 38.4°C, 25 July
Hilgenroth (Germany) max. 38.3°C, 25 July
Berus (Germany) max. 38.2°C, 25 July
Giessen (Germany) max. 38.2°C, 25 July
Bamberg (Germany) max. 38.2°C, 25 July
Waldems (Germany) max. 38.1°C, 25 July
Baden (Germany) max. 38.0°C, 25 July
Schotten (Germany) max. 38.0°C, 25 July
Gottingen (Germany) max. 38.0°C, 25 July
Ludenshcheid (Germany) max. 37.9°C, 25 July
Lippsbringe (Germany) max. 37.9°C, 25 July
Lennestadt (Germany) max. 37.9°C, 25 July
Manderscheid (Germany) max. 37.8°C, 25 July
Lautertal (Germany) max. 37.8°C, 25 July
Burgwald (Germany) max. 37.8°C, 25 July
Salzuflen (Germany) max. 37.8°C, 25 July
Blankenrath (Germany) max. 37.7°C, 25 July
Hersfeld (Germany) max. 37.7°C, 25 July
Nienburg (Germany) max. 37.6°C, 25 July
Friesoythe (Germany) max. 37.5°C, 25 July
Tholey (Germany) max. 37.5°C, 25 July
Asfeld (Germany) max. 37.3°C, 25 July
Helmstedt (Germany) max. 37.3°C, 25 July
Nurburg (Germany) max. 37.2°C, 25 July
Worpswede (Germany) max. 37.2°C, 25 July
Bevern (Germany) max. 37.2°C, 25 July
Sandberg (Germany) max. 37.1°C, 25 July
Harzburg (Germany) max. 37.1°C, 25 July
Deuselbach (Germany) max. 37.1°C, 25 July
Konstanz (Germany) max. 36.9°C, 25 July
Kall-Sistig (Germany) max. 36.8°C, 25 July
Eslohe (Germany) max. 36.7°C, 25 July
Pirmasens (Germany) max. 36.6°C, 25 July
Simmern (Germany) max. 36.5°C, 25 July
Marienberg (Germany) max. 34.8°C, 25 July
Fichtelberg (Germany) max. 34.5°C, 25 July
Wernigerode (Germany) max. 33.9°C, 25 July
Braunlage (Germany) max. 33.9°C, 25 July
Kleiner Feldberg (Germany) max. 33.4°C, 25 July
Wasserkuppe (Germany) max. 33.0°C, 25 July
Kahler Asten (Germany) max. 31.9°C, 25 July
Schmucke (Germany) max. 31.6°C, 25 July
Brocken (Germany) max. 29.7°C, 25 July
Cambridge (United Kingdom) max. 38.7°C, 25 July: New national record high for United Kingdom
Oxford (United Kingdom) max. 36.5°C, 25 July
Manchester (United Kingdom) max. 35.7°C, 25 July
Benson (United Kingdom) max. 37.0°C, 25 July
Nottingham (United Kingdom) max. 36.1°C, 25 July
Wittering (United Kingdom) max. 36.7°C, 25 July
Rothamsted (United Kingdom) max. 36.6°C, 25 July
Marham (United Kingdom) max. 36.5°C, 25 July
Cranwell (United Kingdom) max. 36.3°C, 25 July
Holbeach (United Kingdom) max. 36.1°C, 25 July
Langdon Bay (United Kingdom) max. 35.9°C, 25 July
Manston (United Kingdom) max. 35.5°C, 25 July
Scampton (United Kingdom) max. 35.1°C, 25 July
Waddington (United Kingdom) max. 35.1°C, 25 July
Herstmonceaux (United Kingdom) max. 35.0°C, 25 July
Linton On Ouse (United Kingdom) max. 34.8°C,25 July
Leeming (United Kingdom) max. 34.5°C,  25 July
Mildenhall (United Kingdom) max. 37.1°C, 25 July
Stansted (United Kingdom) max. 37.2°C, 25 July
Cranfield (United Kingdom) max. 35.6°C, 25 July
Luton (United Kingdom) max. 37.0°C, 25 July
Carlisle (United Kingdom) max. 32.4°C, 25 July
Edinburgh (United Kingdom) max. 31.6°C, 25 July
Volkel (Netherlands) max. 40.1°C, 26 July
Amsterdam (Netherlands) max. 36.4°C, 26 July\
Sauda (Norway) max. 34.6°C, 26 July
Bergen (Norway) max. 33.4°C, 26 July
Namsskogan (Norway) max. 34.4°C, 26 July
Haugesund (Norway) max. 31.2°C, 26 July
Slatteroy (Norway) max. 30.9°C, 26 July
Sogndal (Norway) max. 30.0 °C, 26 July
Vidsel (Sweden) max. 33.6°C, 26 July
Overkalix-Svartbyn (Sweden) max. 34.3°C, 26 July
Pello (Finland) max. 32.0°C, 26 July
Laksfors (Norway) max. 35.6°C, 27 July
Namsos (Norway) max. 33.9°C, 27 July
Mo I Rana (Norway) max. 33.0°C, 27 July
Bronnoysund (Norway) max. 32.1°C, 27 July
Sandnessjoen (Norway) max. 31.8°C, 27 July
Bodo (Norway) max. 30.7°C, 27 July
Takle (Norway) max. 30.5°C, 27 July
Alvsbyn (Sweden) max. 34.2°C, 27 July
Haparanda (Sweden) max. 33.6°C, 27 July
Kvikkjokk (Sweden) max. 33.1°C, 27 July
Gunnarn (Sweden) max. 33.0°C, 27 July
Nattavaara (Sweden) max. 32.3°C, 27 July
Norsjo (Sweden) max. 32.2°C, 27 July
Vilhemina (Sweden) max. 31.2°C, 27 July
Ullensvang (Norway) max. 33.5°C, 28 July
Orland (Norway) max. 32.4°C, 28 July
Sognefjell (Norway) max. 21.1°C, 28 July
Helsinki Kaisaniemi (Finland) max. 33.2°C, 28 July
Helsinki Malmi (Finland) max. 33.2°C, 28 July
Helsinki Kumpula (Finland) max. 33.1°C, 28 July
Salo (Finland) max. 33.2°C, 28 July
Yltoinen (Finland) max. 33.2°C, 28 July
Porvoo (Finland) max. 33.7°C, 28 July
Kokemaki (Finland) max. 33.0°C, 28 July
Jomala (Finland) max. 31.6°C, 28 July
Lohja (Finland) max. 31.7°C, 28 July
Hokuto (Japan) max.  33.6°C, 31 July

 (Courtesy of Maximiliano Herrera)

National heat records 2019

Figure 1. The sixteen nations (white labels) and territories (purple labels) that set all-time record highs by August 13, 2019. The record from Wake Island, set on August 15, is not included. Image credit: weather.com.

There were no monthly all-time record low minimums reported among major stations.

Let me emphasize (using the same word again in the title of this post) here that this long list would probably not have occurred unless the globe ticked up from an average of +1.1°C to about +1.2°C above preindustrial conditions over last year in July due to carbon pollution. According to NOAA:
“The July temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was +1.71°F (+1.2°C) above the 20th century average of 60.4°F and was the highest for July in the 1880–2019 record. July 2019 bested the previous record—set in 2016—by 0.05°F. “

Want to see another long list, this time of the effects that just +1.2C above preindustrial conditions can bring? Here is one from The Financial Times:


Just take a look at some of the examples of what happened last month.








The Netherlands




  • The country declared an emergency (paywall) after it couldn’t bring huge swathes of wildfires in Siberia under control.


The UK

The US

All this happened with a global average temperature rise of about 1°C compared to the pre-industrial period. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that, at current trajectory, the world will warm between 3°C and 4°C by 2100.

Warning signs from long lists are out, and sirens to do something are now blaring. If +1.2°C is this bad just imagine a world in which averages are well above +2.0°C above preindustrial conditions. Let’s all heed these, putting pressure on politicians to pass laws to reign in carbon pollution.


Here is more climate and weather news from Sunday:

(As usual, this will be a fluid post in which more information gets added during the day as it crosses my radar, crediting all who have put it on-line. Items will be archived on this site for posterity. In most instances click on the pictures of each tweet to see each article.)


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