Extreme Temperature Diary- Sunday March 1st, 2020/ Main Topic: Some Ominous Winter of 2020 Climatology

Sunday March 1st… Dear Diary. The main purpose of this ongoing post will be to track United States extreme or record temperatures related to climate change. Any reports I see of ETs will be listed below the main topic of the day. I’ll refer to extreme or record temperatures as ETs (not extraterrestrials)😉

Main Topic: Some Ominous Winter 2020 Climatology

Dear Diary: Welcome to meteorological or boreal spring in the Northern Hemisphere and boreal autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Climatologists are busy crunching numbers for the past three months of winter/summer, and most of the statistics I’m seeing are not good for humanity but quite jaw dropping. I really get more fearful for our long term future when I see a slate of statistics like the ones I am seeing today despite any “wow” factors. We will see a full menu slate of information by March 15th, but here is a taste. Overall:

As far as Europe goes, numbers for France have already been crunched:

Etienne Kapikian has also let us know that Russia likely had its warmest winter. These numbers are astounding:

Elsewhere across Europe:

And in the Arctic:

The warmth across Europe has led to phenomena like these:

As far as precipitation goes we are seeing some stark contrasts in the Northern Hemisphere. First, Britain was exceptionally soggy:

And another drought is brewing in California:

Let’s break down the words “climate change” just a bit. True climate change means that weather we are used to seeing season after season over a particular area will become so anomalous that those living there won’t recognize it from say their childhood. This would particularly be true for farmers, ski resort operators, landscapers, and just about anyone else closely in touch with the great outdoors. As our climate continues to warm it will “break down,” but hopefully not so much that great tracks of land will become unlivable.

Those in Australia are thankful that this hot fire season is ending. I’ll present more statistics from that country as well as others in the next couple of days:

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Here is some more weather and climate news from Sunday:

(As usual, this will be a fluid post in which more information gets added during the day as it crosses my radar, crediting all who have  put it on-line. Items will be archived on this site for posterity.)

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Guy Walton “The Climate Guy”

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