Extreme Temperature Diary- June 28, 2018/ Hot Topic: Historic U.S. Heat Wave Day One

Thursday June 28th… Dear Diary. The main purpose of this ongoing post will be to track United States extreme or record temperatures related to climate change. Any reports I see of ETs will be listed below the main topic of the day. I’ll refer to extreme or record temperatures as ETs (not extraterrestrials)😊. Here is today’s main climate change post related hot topic:

Historic Heatwave Day One

The old proverbial writing is on the meteorological wall now with what soon is to be a historic heatwave for the Midwest, Northeast, and portions of the western United States. Let’s arbitrarily write that today is the first day of a historic heat wave that will last for at least a week. I use the word “historic” to note that their will be widespread areas of record high maxes, well beyond more run of the mill “dangerous” heat that typically occurs around the country during summer.

The first major city to see historic heat from this heat wave is Denver:  

Technically for my met friends:

The West is dealing with bad fire weather conditions today while the area of heat advisories and warnings has been expanding in the Nation’s mid-section:

Denver won’t be as hot on Friday, but the first 90s of this heat wave will be making their way up and down the Northeast Megalopolis area. It will be much hotter in the Midwest: 

The operational 12Z THU GFS has been trending a little lower on the maximum 500 millibar height level when the heat dome peaks out on July 7th as expected, but still forecasting a massive area above 591 decameters to last for several days across the nation: 

PSU model ensemble spaghetti plots don’t deviate much from the GFS operational solution (in white) forecasting a very large area above 594 decameters from 7/3 through 7/7: 

For Washington DC:

Here’s a calendar view of the average high temps predicted by our models (American, Canadian and European) over the next couple of weeks for DC. Forecast uncertainty increases with time, but nine straight days of 90s in there.  Read more:


This phenomenon has made big news the last 24 hours:

The Climate Guy


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