Extreme Temperature Diary- July 23, 2018/ Hot Topic: Oh Canada! Global Warming Targets Ontario

Monday July 23rd… Dear Diary. The main purpose of this ongoing post will be to track United States extreme or record temperatures related to climate change. Any reports I see of ETs will be listed below the main topic of the day. I’ll refer to extreme or record temperatures as ETs (not extraterrestrials)😊. Here is today’s main climate change post related hot topic:

Oh Canada! Global Warming Targets Ontario 

With each passing year I am seeing stranger and stranger weather patterns that can definitely be associated with climate change. While subtle at first during the start of my career during the 1980s, like U.S. heat waves and droughts from that decade, now we are seeing phenomena at higher latitudes that can only be chalked up to a warming Earth. Attribution with these newer events, which I will describe on this post, should be much easier than those of thirty years ago. Today let’s look at three such events from this month.

First, my how hot Ontario and, in general, eastern Canada got this July. Check out this article describing widespread wildfires occurring in northeast Ontario near Hudson Bay:


Quoting from this article:

Parry Sound 33 is one of more than 63 fires burning in the region, with 20 of them out of control as of Sunday afternoon — a slight improvement from the previous night.

Firefighters and equipment have poured in from across Canada, the United States and Mexico to help Ontario-based crews. Five waterbombers were aiding hard-pressed ground crews in their struggle to contain the flames.

Palmer said they had to evacuate the entire park yesterday afternoon.

“It was a ‘grab your stuff and go’ moment yesterday,” he said. Heavy smoke filled the air and there was concern for the elderly and children, he said.

“The fire grew exponentially out of control. It’s not contained, it’s a wildfire,” he said. “We dumped everybody out of the park as fast as we could,” he said, noting that more than 200 vehicles were on site at the time.

Yesterday I wrote a post about the return of the Dipole and its effects on the U.S. Of course, the thing is affecting Canada, as well. Here is the 500 millibar pattern over North America from this morning:

Notice how warm it is across Canada and in particular James bay and Ontario. It’s no wonder that at the surface we are still getting reports like this:

Typically our friendly Hudson Bay Low vortex would keep Ontario chilly, even in summer. There is nothing typical about the current pattern across the Northern Hemisphere.
It would appear that a front will bring beneficial rain and cooler temperatures to areas affected by the fires in Ontario by Friday.  Let us keep our fingers crossed:
Here is another post I saw this evening about Canada:

How is Climate Change Affecting Canada?

Second. What’s up with Japan? My this is some extreme heat reported from a country with a typical cool marine climate:

The 47 C heat index in Fukuoka is equivalent to a ‘feels like’ temperature of 116 F. This is deadly heat capable of inflicting serious injury or death. However, if we keep burning fossil fuels places on Earth’s surface will start seeing heat indexes of 150 to 190 (F).

What did the heat dome look like over Japan last Friday? Here is a Pivotal Weather chart showing some eye opening high 500 millibar heights from over the weekend:
Note the plethora of upper lows around Japan, which I’d contend is a sign of a weakening summer vortex, and thus climate change.
Third, by now we have seen several reports of astounding levels of heat in Scandinavia, some higher than 90F north of the Arctic Circle. It would appear that the heat dome responsible for this record episode is going to make a big comeback as we head towards August:

Figure credit

Here is a lot more on  “global weirding” across the Northern Hemisohere that has been occurring recently: 

Where is it hot? Everywhere except central and SE North America, Argentina, Kazakhstan, central Siberia, and Greenland.

O.K. climate change denialists. I can’t wait to here your reasoning attributing these three events to natural variation. Don’t be shy. Like the charge of the Light Brigade bring it on.😉
By Tuesday most of the U.S. will be free of dangerous heat. A cooling trend will continue in Texas. Unfortunately record heat will be plaguing the Southwest once more. Near record heat will spread northward unto the Pacific Northwest:
Here are Monday’s ETs from major sites:

Today we increase that record to 105! Today, shade is our friend. Stay cool!

The near 600 decameter ridge above this Atlantic high is another sign of climate change.
Afternoon high temperatures for Wednesday, July 25
Experimental Heat Risk for Wednesday, July 25th
This piece is brilliant!:
Here are Monday’s national maxes:
Today was the last day of ridiculous heat in Texas. The Southwest, as expected, is starting to cook once more.
As usual I will be adding relevant news and information to this post as the day progresses. 

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