October 2017 U.S. Climate and Record Statistics

This will be an open thread for U.S. record temperature and climate statistics, which I will add to once more information crosses my radar. October 2017 was another warmer than average month for the U.S.

Here are the ranked temperature averages per state. A ranking of 1 would be the coldest since 1895 and 123 would be the warmest:

Note that the Northeast had their warmest October in recorded history. Overall, the lower 48 states came in with a ranking of 103 or the 20th warmest October on record. So how did the record count statistics stack up for October, which this blog specifically is keeping track of? Here you go:

3818 DHMN         1518 DHMX         1038DLMX           909 DLMN

All of these statistics are what one would expect in a warming world due to carbon pollution. The one figure that really stands out is the 3818 daily high minimums either tied or set. Yes, as I keep pointing out, nights are warming faster than days.

California continued to have above average temperatures during October 2017. Edgar McGregor notes: “Pasadena CA was 6.95F above than the 1909-2017 average. It was the first October on record to record an average high temperature above 90F. 3 daily high records were broken. 1 daily record low was broken. 10 days had highs above the mean maximum for October.”

October 2017 goes down as the 35th consecutive month of more daily high maxes than lows in the NCEI database for the U.S. and November has gotten off to a warm start:

The ratio of DRHMX to DRLMN was approximately 15 to 9 during October 2017.

I’ll add more information, especially when the full NCEI October 2017 report comes in on November 14th.

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